Friday, March 11, 2011

Free Write: LOVE

Seems to me that half the world is running from love
And the other half is still searching
For that place in all of us
That gives life meaning and purpose
Convincing ourselves that we deserve it
Is a full-time job with no benefits
No time off
No incentives
But this is as good as it gets
So we keep coming in everyday
For no pay
Promised minimum wage
But love doesn’t pay the bills
Besides, after taxes
What you’re bringing home isn’t worth the amount of work
That it takes
To make a broken heart keep beating
When love just keeps leaving us defeated
We result to bitterness
Tired from the fight
We’ve retreated
Settle for what we can get
Instead of all of the things that we’ve needed
Who’s left to believe in
Something with no rhyme or reason
We’ve all been keeping
Possibilities open
Wishing, praying and hoping
For something rarely chosen
Leaving us more lonely and broken
Than before it first arrived
But this time
The love I’ll be searching to find
Is mine