Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When Reality Becomes Offensive

When Reality Becomes Offensive
An Original Spoken Word Piece Written by Lady Rose

Damn right this should offend you!
It should fill you with rage
Make you want to break these handcuffs
And blow up this cage
Make you want to stop killing each other
And start inflicting pain
On the ones who are really to blame.

While familiar sounds to suburban kids
Are piggy bank clink and ice cream trucks,
Our children hear sirens blare and guns buck!

Bullets have no name
My life could end just the same way
As hood kings and queens who lost their reign
Because hood kids are growing up
Not knowing who to blame
So pain seeps through every homicide
Into the one’s from which they came

Damn right this should offend you!
It should make your skin crawl
It should cause guilt to seep through your pours
While you inherit it all,
The world is still morally poor

As a result, we rebel!
What else do you expect us to do?!
The war on our streets create wounds too deep
And the truth is you should be fighting too.

If you aren’t part of the solution
You’re part of the problem
You’re the reason we stay oppressed
If you aren’t consciously working to stop it!

So this right here goes out to…

All of the warriors whose lives were have been stolen

So that the system can profit
Off of more guns
More coffins
More handcuffs
More death
More bullets
More bombs
More handcuffs
More death
More war
More jail cells
More handcuffs
More death
More police
More war
More handcuffs
More death
More war…
More war
More war
This is war.

Black lives
Lost to police homicide
Are victims of war.
We will not let your deaths be in vain
We will not allow ignorance to mask your pain

I promise to turn rage into resistance
Take the “I” and the “son” out of prison
It’s no longer a decision
We MUST make reality out of vision
Force those who cause it
To open their ears and listen
They don’t get to be comfortable
Jail cells aren’t comfortable
And neither are coffins
Even if you didn’t pull the trigger,
Your complacency still bought them
So HOW DARE you suggest
I don’t know about the root causes?!
Our children are dying
I will not accept them as losses
Is to blame
The dotted line is located at the end of this page
Feel free to sign your name

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  1. Hi Roslyn, My name is Robyn and I work for a company called ENDPAIN.com. You had submitted a story to Suzanne Guillete last year that included excepts from your book, Revolutionary Words. We loved the piece - It's very powerful and we'd love to publish the piece on it's own, as well as promote your book. Could you reach out to me at robync@endpain.com to discuss? I'd love to hear from you.

    Warmly, Robyn Leigh