Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When All Is Said And Done...

I know it feels like the world is over
Like your heart can't get no colder
And you're caving in from all of that weight on your shoulders
But I swear to you
There's more to life than this
There has to be
Because if there's no more left for you, that means there's no more left for me…
If you can't find the strength to do it for yourself
Do it for the souls that missed out and lives lost
Do it because you living will keep their memories alive the most
You have to shine
Have to be someone else's life line
Because God gives more to those that can hold it
And a blessing is only borrowed until you do the work to own it
So keep fighting
Keep trying
Keep pushing
Keep surviving
While the rest of the world is gasping for air, be the deep breath that revives it
Reach deep inside to the core of you
See what it is I see when I'm adoring you
When everyone else has given up I still see the joy in you
It's your smile that lasts way longer than your troubles do
You gotta believe you are the reason
You are the exception, the world is the test but you are the lesson
They say the good die young
God must be saving the rest then
Because He left us with a job to do and it's for greatness that we're destined
Jesus didn't know the price was paid until souls were saved
So in the name of souls that were laid
After condolences are paid and closing remarks are made
After everything is said and done
God knew there would be night, that's why He gave us the sun...