Monday, May 14, 2012

Higher than Winged Birds

Cover me like morning dew on rose pedals
Bring high tide to new levels
Indulge me like chocolate covered sweet things
Let’s climb mountaintops, make bells ring
Be my whipped up on my ice cream
Make me want more
Make me scream
Make your name my favorite word
Make what we do my favorite verb
So when teacher asks what I learned
I’ll cry out: “how to fly higher than winged birds.”

If Only for a Moment

I found you once
While I was hiding in the shelter of solitude
But you were tucked deep in the darkest places
Unmasked, all of your many faces
Illuminated by all of your potential, I found you
In that moment, I vowed to never let you go
But truth be told
You’re the only thing that saved me
You made me a believer with all of your impossibility
Turned practical in the matter of instants
The reality that I could be the one that wins it
Even if just for a moment
What others would die for
Have killed for
I found spilling over
Ready to change the heart
Of an all un-expecting
Never regretting
Fragile yet invincible spirit
That spirit was me
In all of my destitute, you redeemed me
I had prayed for you
For salvation from the pain
To regain my consciousness
I was dying, you know?
Drowning in the realness of humanity
But you challenged me
To be greater
And to think deeper than even boundless dreamers
And I did
I held on tight
Even if only for a moment
And you were just right
Even if only to me
And I
Will never
Regret knowing the depth of your existence
Even now that I remain confined in the prison of your memory
In faint moments, those memories are all that I have
To remind me of your presence
To secure your existence
In those memories, I’m free again
Happy tears of a faded friend
Truth bends
And lies prevail
But reality is unyielding
Time and time again it proves your being
But if seeing is believing
You’ll be left lifeless in the minds of the brokenhearted
Because you can’t be seen
Only felt
And I found you
Planted in the perfect place
Perhaps waiting for a fading spirit
To have one sweet taste of life through you
You spared me
But you gave your time sparingly
Leaving way faster than you came
Now in faint moments I can barely remember your name
I’m terrified you won’t return to me
Yet I know you can’t be reserved for only me
My only hope is that your absence is caused
Not by a loss
But a short intermediary deficiency
Because you’re off blessing someone who isn’t me
And I’ll wait for you
Hoping that you are not the cousin to the moon
Here to bring deliverance
Then gone too soon
Only appearing in the darkest hour
Shining your light
But taking your power with you
I’m hoping
But still, if only for that moment
That your time is borrowed but not lent
It’ll be enough to give my spirit comfort
So, until we meet again…