Thursday, May 26, 2011

Patience Wont Break These Chains.

“Racism is man’s gravest threat to man – the maximum of hatred for the minimum of reason.”
-Abraham J. Heschel

My skin is not a choice
If it were, I'd still choose it
I wear it like an open wound
Still we have something to prove
400 years of enslavement
Still owed unpaid dues
We’ll pay with our lives and have to die for it too
Most will never understand
The burden of this flesh
Cursed with the demand to do more
But still receive less
So they’ll go on ignoring
That it’s my everyday existence
This skin: a bitter-sweet blessing in disguise
A complimentary prison
We didn’t choose this
But it’s what keeps us rooted
Futile catastrophe
Minute enormity
This tiny empire lives inside of me
Breeds disgust for a scorn nation
Whose every investment is rooted in race relations
Fallen fallacy
Collapses into the laps of those who endure it
But power stays stagnant in the hands of the ones who refuse to cure it

And it’s always been a Black problem
A Negro problem
An African-American problem
Granted the burden to fix them
But not given the equation to solve them

We are still hurting
Centuries of having it instilled in our brains
That we aren’t worth it
Aren’t deserving of God given rights
To which we were birthed in
But it’s where we’ve gained our fight
To be greater than
Stronger than
Those who told us we’d never make it
So we have to take it
Because everything stays the same with patience
And hate isn’t tamed with patience
And freedom isn’t gained with patience
And pain is not healed with patience
And chains don’t break with patience
And change don’t come with patience
Change has NEVER come with patience

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