Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Am From...

I am from...
Mango and lime trees
Dried out wishing wells
And banana leaves

I am from...
She who raised me to be great
Worked hard so that her ceiling could be my floor
No matter how high my own expectations
She believed in my for more

I am from…
Less than enough and still more than we needed
From outhouses
Scarce resources
And faith in He who we were taught to believe in

I am from...
Catholicism and broad Christianity
From religion and sacrilegious tragedy
I am from betrayal of the book and treason
From denial of His word and what we were forced to believe in

I am from...
His touch
Seduced by the satisfaction of those who desired me to desire them
Turned lovers and friends
To false angels and demons
Therein dictating the love that I believed in

I am from...
Beliefs’ being what grounds me
And challenges me to be the me He's destined me to be

I am from…
This person
This place
This thing
This tradition
This memory
Those that made me but still do not define me

I am me.

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