Monday, July 25, 2011

Her Heart

Her heart is heavy
Some have lost a few
She’s lost plenty

She’s never held more weight than she can carry
Still, she’s lost count of how many she’s buried
So she goes through life
Eyes teary and heart heavy

The load never lessens
A curse with no blessing
Memories of those resting
Taught consequences with no lessons

You can’t see her heavy heart
She’s played her part
She carries the burden
Pretends she’s not hurting


Her heart is heavy
Some have lost a few
She’s lost plenty

There’s no time stamp on pain
So she keeps reliving it over and over again
In the core of her existence
Hurt stays imprisoned

How do you support someone through mourning?
When every morning is a reminder of the loss
This struggle might cost her her life
This time

Constant retraumatization
Nothing is changing
So she strives to live beyond the pain
To be more than the pins she wears
Or her dried out tears
But all the years have taught
Is that it’s impossible not to get caught
In this whirlpool of destruction
And the corruption caused to her heart

So she loses hope in believing
Her heart keeps beating
Despite faith fleeting
Internal bleeding
Allows no rhyme or reason
For the chaos

So she remains lost to this
Passes it onto her kids
A viscous cycle
Pain knows no end
It didn’t start with her
And it won’t end with them
It will get passed down through generations
Past households
Across nations
Before we know it, we’re all hurting
Don’t you know it?
We’re all hurting

This pain can be cured in her heart
But she’ll never know it
Granted the ability to be the change
The ability to live again
Instead she’ll reap consequences
Even though she didn’t sow it
And she’ll go on hurting
But she won’t show it

She IS the generation down the line
Pain doesn’t heal with time
Without intent and work
So she’ll work to be the change
To move past the pain

Until it revisits her again

In her heart…

..Is heavy
Some have lost a few
She’s lost plenty

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