Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love Affair

Is the most dysfunctional relationship I’ve ever had
I try and get it out of my system
But it keeps pumping through my veins
Justifies and warrants the pain
Causes me to come back time and time again
Even when it’s hurting more to stay

No explanation
No resolution
Null of Restitution
A foreign concept
Ancient conquest
No true discovery

I’m convinced it can’t exist amongst this loneliness
There’s not enough room to embrace the magnitude of two all consuming emotions.

But love, it keeps me going
Keeps me knowing purpose in an otherwise purposeless life
Makes wrong right
When I’m sightless
Simple minded
Simply, it’s because I’ve been blinded by love

How you charm me into believing
That you’re mine
Even while you’re leaving
For the last time
You push me out the way
Failed attempt to make you stay
Press my face to your chest
Plead from my very depth

But I’ll be loving you still
Even long after you’ve left

I’ll put up a wall
Tough skin
Blank voice when you call

But truth is that I need love
Bleed love
Hear voices within
Telling me to keep fighting
Because I know it’s my right
And this love is pure destiny
Lives inside of me and breeds life

I nurture its growth
And don’t you know
I live to love this life inside of me
Learn to like its tragedy
Infatuated with the fallacy
That the true meaning of love is held somewhere in this twisted galaxy

How this love fuels me
Rules me like mighty men
But love don’t love me ever
Never loved me then
Promises forever
But never says when

Love is the most dysfunctional relationship I’ve ever had.
So as I pack my bags
I say goodbye to the love I never really had
Say farewell to yesterday
You’ll pretend you’re sad
But before I make it out the door
I’m already coming back

To this dysfunctional
Love affair

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