Friday, November 18, 2011

Strange Love

I saw you today
You passed right by me
And my breathe went away
You didn’t even say hi to me
I kept my composure
But I died inside
Because I never got closure
But I couldn’t stand the thought of you seeing me cry
So I kept walking too
Counting the ways in my head that I would let go of you
I turned back once
Just to see if you were looking back too
Watching me watch you
But no, you stayed straight ahead
Just kept walking instead
And I wasn’t surprised
But time stood still in goodbye
An ironic metaphor for our relationship, huh?
I make all of the compromises
And you make none
Me bending backwards
You keeping it moving
Me making myself an option
That you were never choosing
One big game
That I was always losing
Me, like a lab rat
You kept testing my strength
Just to have your hypothesis proven
I was so weak for you
But only for you
What else did you expect me to do
When I was a fool
Head over heels
For a man with a gun
Who would steal my heart and then run
I’ll laugh away the pain
But it’s not funny
How somebody that knew me so well
Better than anybody
Has ever or would ever, could ever know me again
Could be so distant
Homies, lovers and friends back then
Now almost like strangers

We lost ourselves somewhere back there
Two blocks before yesterday
And I keep searching the ground for memories
But you picked them up and threw them all away
I keep trying to find us
But instead there are stains on the sidewalk
From where we murdered love
It’s never coming back to us
Just fades more with every teardrop
And I keep running back for love
But there are signs on every street corner that scream STOP!
How could I still love someone
Who would rather run than love me
Reality is, you didn’t steal my heart
You got it from me
I handed it to you sometime before hello and after goodbye
But I couldn’t stand the thought of you seeing me cry
Because I gave you more than you deserved
You never stayed true to your word
And now our love is left out on the curb
And what have I learned?
That I would still walk a thousand more miles for love
If in the end it promised to return

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